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Tales from the Deafside

October 6-9
NTID Performing Arts presents "Tales from the Deafside", a gentleman named is Zak who dream of taking off on a bus, following the FREEWAY to find a better place with no barriers, no restrictions, and no one to tell you that you can't.


October 27-30
NTID Performing Arts presents "DanceTales", a multicultural stories and folklore from around the world as inspiration for a variety of dances which include styles of jazz, ballet, hip-hop, tap, modern dance, folk dance and multiple ethnic and cultural dances, as well as original generated visual projection and animation.

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NTID Performing Arts was established in the Fall of 1974, with the opening of the Institute's new permanent buildings, as integral part of the Institute's curriculum following the success of the student drama club founded by Dr. Robert Panara in 1969.

Originally named the Experimental Educational Theatre (EET), NTID Performing Arts offers a comprehensive curriculum of theatre courses and produces six productions and one outreach tour per season.

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